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"Quite a high quality game for PD ... The best programs on the disk are probably the Pipetris demo and Crystal Quest, both of which are remarkably good ... overall the disk is easily worth the money" - Dean Nicholas, FRED

This project started life when Derek (of Sam PD) asked me for a copy of the screen dissolver effect I'd used in some other program. In order to fill out the disk, I persuaded myself to finish a GamesMaster game I was halfway though writing, and dug out some other ex-Fred items. It soon became clear that, even after Syncytium, there was quite a lot of unreleased material around, and this disk seemed as good a place as any other to put all the various junk which had accumulated over the years. It thus features possibly the last ever programs to be released under my ILLUSION name.

Crystal Quest

A new Gamesmaster game, involving collecting the flashing crystals from screens inhabited by mines and aliens. Personally I didn't think it had turned out that well, but it seems to have gained a following.

Pipetris Demo

A one-level playable demo of Pipetris, a GamesMaster cross between Tetris and Pipemania. The full game appears on Syncytium.


Ex-Fred Basic strategy puzzle game.

Pie Chart Drawer

An over-ambitious, and abandoned, attempt to write a decent spreadsheet in Basic. Nevertheless it still draws a pretty mean pie-chart (terribly slowly).

Missile Base

Ex-Fred, Gamesmaster "Missile Command" not-clone.

Sensible Demo

Ex-Fred/Prime7/Syncytium, 1st machine code demo. 'Nuff said.


Ian's machine-code maze generator. Apparently uses a special algorithm, but I can't remember why.

Screen dissolver effect

Ian's machine code routine with Basic demonstration.


Snooker, Pool and Billiards in Ian's Spectrum machine code program.

Chemistry Test

Identify an unknown solution - presented as a text adventure in the style of The Hobbit... (eg Dr. Rogers sits down and starts talking about organic chemistry)

Spectrum Emulator

The original emulator code provided with a subtley altered spectrum Rom image, which maps BEEPS to Sam Rom routines, improved key-reading etc.


The first ever MNEMOtech product was originally meant to be a DRiVER application, but this was given up as it became clear that it would be easier to produce a better product my writing my own routines than by persuading the DRiVER ones to do things my way. Here is the last working DRiVER version of SamMines, and also the final stand-alone machine code game.

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