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Outwrite 2.0

By kind permission of the author Robert Wilkinson, the Sam's foremost word processor is now available for free download. Copyright is held by Robert Wilkinson. Outwrite was previously released by Chezron Software, publishers of Outlet disk magazine.

Download Outwrite as a zipped .DSK file (212 K) Download

Also by Robert Wilkinson, Sam Morse Code Tutor (16K)Download

Atom bootloader screenshot

Martijn Groen's Utilities

BDOS 1.7d and a disk of associated utilities by Martijn Groen, mostly for use with the Atom IDE interface. Click here for more information about BDOS. Click here for details of the other programs on the disk image.

Download BDOS 1.7d and the Atom Utilities as a gzipped .DSK file (344 K) Download

Perpetual Sounds screenshot

Also by Martijn Groen

Perpetual Sounds music demo, RGB Demo, Cute Demo (by Martijn Groen with Robert Van der Veeke) and converted 128K Spectrum demos

Perpetual Sounds (254K)Download

RGB Demo (232K)Download

Cute Demo, Art Vision, MilkyWay 1&2 (208K)Download

Cyber Dream Demo, Parallax Demo (224K)Download

Dskman logo

Sam .dsk Image Manipulator

This simple program allows you to transfer individual files between a .dsk image and your hard disk. Original C source code is availble (Mac version). The ANSI C version (altered by Thomas Harte) was used to compile the DOS version and should also work on Unix-like operating systems.

Download Mac (PPC) executable (28 K) - requires Stuffit Expander 5.
Download DOS/Win32 executables (44K)

Paulo Silva's Utilities

Paulo Silva writes:Around 8 years ago I coded these picture converters for the display modes 1 and 2 of Sam Coupé - I think I coded them on QBasic, and I'm about recoding them on Python (maybe using Pygame, due on the picture loading and saving better support) - anyway, the code is GPL and all there.

For these codes, the pictures must be uncompressed bmp files with 16 colours, since it loads the .bmp file byte by byte. The results works fine on Edwin Blinky's Screen Viewer.

Download Picture Converters (16 K)

A very silly converter, but i think it can make the difference for newbies - it helps people converting txt files into sam coupe files into Sam Coupé disks (or imagedisks) - the code is very simple (and with lots of naive mistakes) but can be hugelly useful, like it were for me, when still lacks something similar to 'bas2tap' (from ZX-Spectrum) for Sam Coupé.

Download Text 2 SamBASIC Converter (8 K)

If you want your Sam-related programs to be hosted here please email them to me together with a brief description.
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